Employees are the biggest asset to any organization. One of the most important ongoing tasks for any organization is hiring or appointing the right people. This time-consuming process is critical not only to ensure that the newly appointed person fits in with the organizational culture but is also technically capable and with the right skills set and experience to master the job responsibilities as quick as possible.  


Impimpi Technologies provides professional software testing resources on a contractual basis. To ensure continuous skills development for contractual placements, a mentoring program is included into the contract with frequent feedback to our clients. The mentoring program can include that the contractor attends training courses provided by Impimpi Technologies as part of our training service offerings. 


Impimpi Technologies also provides professional software testing resources on a permanent basis. An in-depth screening process ensures credible CV’s for applications. 


To provide the best possible service to both the client and the candidate, Impimpi Technologies believes in a long-term relationship through continuous involvement to ensure that we provide the right candidate for the right position. 

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