We provide an all-inclusive service to all companies that create software products for corporate usage or as a service to their customers. As an ISTQB and IREB Partner, Impimpi Technologies follows the ISTQB and IREB framework of best practice and international standards within all of our methodologies and processes.

Our focus is to help companies with customised solutions in:


    Education and Skills Development

Impimpi Technologies contributes to skills development and promotion of software testing as a professional career internationally. Our service offerings include customised training solutions that includes on-site, off-site training as well as a variety of study options. By understanding our customers’ needs we can provide cost-effective and value-adding training solutions.

Our service offerings include: 

*We provide a variety of training courses in software testing, requirements engineering and quality assurance.

*Provide ISTQB training course to become ISTQB Certified in software testing from foundation to expert level.

*Provide IREB training courses to become IREB Certified in requirements engineering from foundation to advanced level.

*Provide workshops and mentoring programs to ensure that best practices are implemented and maintained.

1edu2    Providing Testing Resources

Impimpi Technologies is not a recruiting company but as part of our all-inclusive software testing services, we do provide skilled software testing resources.

Our service offerings include:

 *Provide software testing resources on a contractual of permanent basis


1edu3    Risk Management

The main objective of risk management is to assure that no uncertainty deflects the endeavour from the business goals. Risk management will identify, assess and prioritise potential unfortunate events and will influence work activities. Because software testing is an infinitive task that can be very costly, risk-based testing must be an organisational principle to prioritise testing based on the risk of the failing software that can cause harm to an organisation.  

Our service offerings include:

*Implement risk strategies to minimise organizational and project risks


worldwide-gray    Establishing Software Testing Environments

Valuable resources are wasted when a company does not have suitable working environments that employees can function in. Impimpi Technologies can assist companies to establish correctly configured and well-equipped testing environments for software testing resources that will improve productivity and deliverables.

Our service offerings include: 

*Perform maturity assessments

*Implement quality processes and methodologies to ensure that high-quality software products and solutions are delivered

*Tool identification and implementations



1edu1    Quality Controls and Assurance

Statistical data that is visible and traceable is imperative for senior management to make informed decisions on software releases. Effective communication and reporting can increase the understanding of risks and opportunities, streamline processes, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Our service offerings include:

*Create organizational test policies and test strategies

 *Establish reporting and communication framework

 *Implement metrics to record, track and measure progress and quality


Good quality is not an added value but an essential basic requirement for any organization.

Prevention of defects is of the highest return on investment an organization can plan for.

Good service is not negotiable and the same applies to good quality.

Rather get media coverage for your excellent services and good quality than for poor service and unusable products.

Processes are as good as the people following the processes, therefore training and mentoring plans are imperative for any organization.

Lead by example.

Business and personal ethics is our pride and is not negotiable.

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*To provide competitive and market related job opportunities for testing resources in the local and international testing industry.

*To become the preferred service provider for an all-inclusive testing service to any ICT companies regardless of size.

*To contribute to the skills development of testing resources by providing high-quality and internationally recognized course materials, facilitators and training services.

*To remain a leader in the national as well as the international testing industry.

*To provide ingenious and trustworthy testing solutions to small, medium and large companies.

*To operate with integrity and competency.


*To provide a series of course materials that will enable testing resources to build competency-based on international standards.

*To provide support to our customers that will enable them to have confidence and pride in their high-quality services and software products.

*To assist our customers to implement best practices that will protect the organizational interests and to meet organizational objectives and strategies.

*To continuously do research for growth and improvement based on latest trends and practices.

What we care about

As part of our social responsibility, Impimpi Technologies wants to contribute and support those that cannot speak for themselves.

Our projects include:

*Chocolates for the children – Support for unwanted babies.

*Reach for the stars – Help single mothers to provide educations to their children.

All projects are carefully evaluated and selected.

What our clients think

I would like to recommend the ISTQB Agile Foundation course presented by the Impimpi Technology training team. The course was well presented and the trainers’ wealth of general testing knowledge added in depth rich content to the course. Their knowledge of the course, the learning objectives and the background testing discipline was invaluable in allowing us to successfully pass the course.

There was an adequate balance between imparting theoretical knowledge and incorporation of practical exercises that would allow the delegate to make use of the learnings in the workplace.

I particularly liked the fact that we put up a scrum board to simulate our progress through the course, as well as the practical exercises that the delegates were engaged in. The supporting courseware and references are comprehensive and facilitated our learning experience.

I would like to recommend Impimpi Technologies for any testing training needs that you may have.


I would like to recommend Impimpi Technologies as a training company. Impimpi Technologies were very quick to respond to my enquiries and I enrolled for the ISTQB Foundation Level, Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Test Manager courses within a 3 month period. The training was very informative and comprehensive and easy to follow. The trainers were very professional and provided us with additional support. After completing the course, we received study plans as well as mock exams, to assist us in preparing for the exams. They also supplied us with one-hour exam preparation session the Friday before each of the exams.

The administrative support went out of their way to ensure that I got to the course venue and the exam venue, safely. They also supplied us with some of the course materials in advance, in order for us to prepare ourselves for the actual course.

I passed all three my exams and I have recommended Impimpi Technologies to my friends and colleagues, as I was blown away by the great service I received from them. I plan to do more courses through Impimpi Technologies in the near future.

Test Analyst SANPARKS

I first crossed paths with Impimpi Technologies in 2014. Being a Quality Assurance manager, I wanted to up skill my team as well as myself. From the first interaction with them, I knew that I would definitely have a long future with them. Their professionalism, kindness and willingness to assist is of the highest quality. I have attended two courses with them and I was extremely satisfied and glad that I made the decision to work through them. The quality of their courses, trainers and course material are of the highest standard. I would recommend anyone to choose them as a training provider.

Quality Assurance Manager SEBATA