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ISTQB Training

Prepare for the ISTQB exam with accredited training materials delivered by accredited trainers with extensive testing experience and join the world’s largest software testing certification framework.

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Consulting Services

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Our team seeks out the best candidate for your software testing position.

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Our Service Offerings


Quality assurance and testing environments are what we focus on. We provide services such as Organisational Testing Maturity Assessments, Test Processes & Methodologies, Tool Implementation & Automation,  Risk Management and Quality Controls and Assurance.


Resources can be a demanding task. Finding qualified and competent candidates ready to join your company is time consuming and expensive. Impimpi Technologies will provide you with the best possible recourses at an affordable price.  Use the company that strives to promote software testing as an industry.


Impimpi Technologies is an International Accredited training provider. With an excellent track record and high-quality course material there is no better training provider to use.  We walk the extra mile to assist delegates focusing not only on international certification but skills development as well.

Our core competencies include software testing and quality assurance. Within these domains, we offer a test center of excellence, training courses, career development, recruiting services, software testing solutions, and consultation services.

We customize testing solutions that address our clients’ unique business risks, thereby ensuring confidence in their product quality. We believe in solutions that are visible, traceable and that will measure the return on investment. 

What is software quality? 

Quality products and services to customers make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability and it is critical to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. Your customers expect you to deliver quality products. If you do not, they will quickly look for alternatives.

Quality assurance is any systematic process to ensure that the end product or service being developed is meeting the specified requirements, its intended use, to fully satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, and is produced consistently with zero defects. It is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. Quality obviously is influenced by the complexity of the end product, the number of processes required to make the product, and the exactness with which those individual processes are defined and controlled.

Software Quality Assurance consists of monitoring software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality and can include ensuring conformance to standards and regulatory compliance. It provides confidence that quality requirements are fulfilled.

Two main principles included in quality assurance are: “Fit for purpose” (the product should be suitable for the intended purpose); and “right first time” (mistakes should be eliminated).

Our Partners

ISTQB training course

ISTQB Accredited Training Provider

As an ISTQB Accredited Training Provider we provide the industry with the best possible training solutions.

IREB Accredited Training Provider

Providing business analysts with an internationally recognized certification. Develop and grow your career by obtaining lifelong valid CPRE certification.

TMMI Accredited Training Provider

TMMi focuses on software testing at all different maturity levels, with the assumption that all organizations start at TMMi level 1 of the maturity ladder. The more mature an organization’s testing practices, the higher level of TMMi maturity the organization fullfils.