Software Test Management


Test Management is a critical component in the successful implementation of software testing and quality assurance for any application. Effective Test Management will ensure the delivery of high-quality applications, satisfied clients and a value added service to any company.

It often happens that persons become responsible for managing software testing but does not know the basic principles of software testing and the critical test management activities.
This Test Management Training Course is specifically designed to provide Project Managers , Test Managers , Test Leads or any person that is responsible for Software Testing with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage Software Testing projects. Attendees will understand the basic concepts of software testing and will know how various development lifecycles affect the approach to software testing. Tips and techniques for efficient communication will be covered as well as critical processes that are imperative for software testing.

The course is structured in such a way that it allows interactive class discussions to discuss real-life Test Management challenges.
By attending the course, the delegate will receive a certificate to prove attendance of the course.

Who should attend this course: 

  •  Project Managers  
  • Test Managers Test Leads  o Any person that has
  • Test Leads  Any person that has
  • Any person that has an interest in Test Management or that is responsible for software testing


  • No pre-requisites is required

Course objective

At the end of this course the attendees will be able to: 


  • Understand the basic principles of Software Testing 
  • Understand  the critical components of Software Test Management 
  • Write a Test Plan 
  • Understand the critical Testing Processes
  • Oversee Testing activities and control a Software testing project 
  • Manage risk-based testing
  • Estimate for Software Testing
  • Allocate testing resources 
  • Effectively Report on Software Testing
  • Effectively communicate with various stakeholders 

Course Content
1.Introduction to Software Testing (65 minutes)
2.The scoping and planning of Software Testing (60 minutes)
3.Test Plan (110 minutes) 

  • Test Plans overview
  • Test Plan options
  • Exercise

4.Critical Testing Processes (60 minutes) 

  • Testing Process Overview
  • Exercise

5.Controlling the Testing activities (25 minutes) 

  • Exercise

6.Manage Risk Based Testing (30 minutes)

  • Quality risks Risk assessments - Risk based testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk based testing

7.Test Estimation (60 minutes) 

  • Test Estimation overview
  • Exercise

8.Managing Testing Resources (15 minutes)
9.Effective Software Testing Reporting (100 minutes)

  • Reporting Overview 
  • Exercises

10.Show the value of Software Testing (20 minutes)

  • Effective communication
  • Exercise

11.Pitfalls and challenges to overcome (10 minutes)

  • Discussion