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Invest in yourself – ATA

Book your ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst training today

They say that the best way to predict your future is to create it!

Ongoing training is essential to the growth of your career. As a software tester in an ever-changing industry, it is critical to continuously improve your skills. Invest in your future and attend our upcoming ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst training course. By becoming an ISTQB certified tester you will create new job opportunities and become more valuable to your employer.

Gauteng: 6-11 April 

Cape Town: 16-19 May

012 751

The ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst training will provide testers with the advanced skills in test analysis, design and execution. This hands-on course will provide you with the ability to define and carry out the tests required to put the test strategy into action. We will teach you how to analyse the system, considering the user’s quality expectations. You will learn how to evaluate system requirements as part of a formal and informal review, using the understanding of the business domain to determine requirements’ validity. Learn how to analyse, design, implement and execute tests, using risk considerations to determine the appropriate effort and priorities for testing.

Wouldn’t it feel great to go back to the office and be qualified to report on testing progress and provide the necessary evidence to support your evaluations of system quality?

Attending the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst training course is the best investment that you can ever make for yourself!